It is impossible to separate our dreams, faith and goals from action.
I’ve known JoAnn Francis for many years, been gifted by her friendship and privileged to be her client.
During a recent visit to her new office, I asked JoAnn to share her thoughts ~ her hopes and fears in making a change and launching her own business.
There’s such joy in shining a light on our thoughts (shaking them loose), which allows us to dive in and realize the opportunities that are front and center for the taking.
And feeling safe enough to share our hopes and fears permits us to start moving in the direction of what is most important to us.
So I, of course, got started and simply asked:
Who is JoAnn Francis?
JoAnn Francis is a truly loving person with a huge heart ~ A Professional Medical Esthetician and Permanent Makeup Specialist for over 25 years and Creator/Owner of JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics.
What drives you professionally?
I love to help people look and feel their best. ‘You look good, you feel good’.  I find that most people are more confused by the avalanche of promotions for treatment, are essentially searching for a professional that is skilled, successful and honest.
I’m committed to treating patients as family and strive to provide each patient with individual, attentive service and compassionate care.
And, most importantly, I take great pride in offering the best technologies in the field of aesthetics ~ it’s my responsibility.
Your own business, WOW, what made you ‘Just Do It’?
The Dermatologist I worked with for over 13 years, was very ill, and eventually passed away.
At the age of 51, I found a path of opportunity  to start over.
Truth is, many of us want all these things but don’t do much to get started.   We tend to get stuck behind the wheel of our own lives, or even worse sitting in the backseat and letting others navigate.

It is possible to live a remarkable life  ~ It’s possible to have what you want ~ I did!


With all the knowledge and expertise I had gained, and with the encouragement from my husband, as well as, many requests for me to carry on the same quality and care in all that we did drove me to create JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics.
With strong spirituality I let go of all fear, doubt and disbelief.
What makes you shine?
Glad you asked.  It is simple, really!
Always doing my best ~  I’m  a business owner, licensed Esthetician and committed to staying on top of the most cutting techniques.  I listen,  work at connecting with my clients to understand their vision and professionally work toward delivering natural results.
 I love my life, Believe in my own power; my own potential and innate goodness.
We all make a difference when we reach within to find our own specialness, amaze ourselves and those around us to reach their own potential.
“It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters”   ~Mother Teresa~
JoAnn seeks Joy and continues to create her success through Faith in herself and those around her 🙂

911 Village Blvd Suite 807 – West Palm Beach – FL – 561-616-1001