Our recovery, our journey starts on shaky legs.

Shock, fear and grief are our companions.

The unknown is our newest enemy.

The time to be strong and reach out for help in now.

Your circle will grow as you take each step.

Our family, friends and caregivers love and support us;

They are the light the end of the tunnel.

Walk with hope, learn what will happen, find ways to contend with cancer.

We are never alone in our journey,

Yet when days are hectic, a bit crowded,

Find your place of solitude.

A quiet spot to allow yourself to feel, cry, hope and pray.

You will muster the courage within, it’s there, I promise.

The journey is long, with many stops along the way.

Seize these moments.

Seek and embrace quiet, peace and renewal when you can.

Take the hand of others who walk with you, as you begin to possess energy and healing light to be shared.

Give yourself permission to laugh; humor heals.

Discover your boundaries have shifted; are broader.

You are growing beyond your limits.

Warmest Wishes ~ Blessings for all who arrive here.

And to all who walk beside us.

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.”

Henry David Thoreau