It is courage in identifying ourselves, knowing who we are, what we believe in and where we want to go that ultimately delivers clarity and boundless energy in LIVING LIFE not CHASING IT.

Life is not always easy ~ We all get it!

Yet, our “choice” in the way we receive and act, in responding to our challenges, makes all the difference and we need to simplify in choosing:

  • Strength not Fear
  • Hope not Despair
  • Joy not Sadness
  • Optimism not Frustration
  • Success not Defeat

Challenges will always appear and how we react affects our energy level and ability to respond.

I promise, we all will gain tremendous power in learning from our past without getting stuck in the mud.

Unfortunately, circumstances and personal setbacks have a tendency to arrive unannounced,

and we cannot allow them to haunt and prevent us from honoring our true potential and seizing new opportunities.




Each of us, not our history is in charge!

We have a choice, can remain in control and avoid self-imposed stress by always pausing to ask these simple questions:

  • “What matters to me now?”
  • “What will make the difference?”
  • “What step am I going to take in protecting myself and my well-being?”

We are alive and need to make “simple” choices that lighten and brighten each day ~ Walk in the light.

Now load your personal navigation system with a few of these quotes, set your cruise control and coast:

  • The things that are in our life we have created and attracted.  Changing our life requires our choice to change.
  • There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.
  • We are as free as we decide to be.
  • We do not need permission to live our life.
  • Do everything with Passion and Grace.
  • Joy in life does not require much at all.
  • We do not have forever to be who we are right now.
  • We never arrive at happiness, we choose to embrace it now.
  • The only way to have peace is to create and honor it within ourselves, regardless of any noise around us.

When we stop chasing the world’s definition of happiness, we make the decision to experience happiness, which when we ask

“How Important Is It ~ Really”  is right in front of us ~has been all along.