How Sweet It Is ~ Last Chemo Treatment

How Sweet It Is ~ Last Chemo Treatment!


23 ~ 54 ~ 66  random numbers, yet significant to me as they represent the ages of three special people who were diagnosed with cancer that particular year of their life.

A daughter who instead of starting grad school began her course of treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma. During her year of chemo and radiation she taught us the caregivers to be strong and positive. We learned a lot about our daughter’s strength and resilience that year.

Approximately fifteen years later another family member, this time my sister, was presented with what I call the cancer challenge after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Again I found myself a part of the support system and, once again, I was helped by the strength and courage exemplified by my sister. Her treatment was long and complicated and throughout she accepted what was and believed that she would not only survive but live a very productive life.

Our most recent experience involved my husband who was diagnosed with prostate cancer . He now became a member of the club no one wants to join. Watching the rock of the family now so vulnerable was difficult. It was the support provided by the entire family that helped him on his journey that ended with the words cancer free after surgery.

The journey of each of these cancer survivors has similarities and differences but the one common denominator is family support, which without, I believe would have made the trip unbearable.​

~ Jacqualine ~

Cargivers;  family ~ friends ~ professionals, become our lifeline through the shock of diagnosis and treatment.  

My sister Jacqualine, with every ounce of Beauty, Grace and Grit was a lifeline through the shock of my diagnosis and treatment.  

Where to begin thanking her for being there with and for me through the terror of breast cancer, is not the case!  

Her calls, assurances and support during surgeries and treatments were life saving.  Whatever the schedule, she was on a flight and at my side.  Her love and dedication to family is extraordinary, and I am grateful for a very special sister who insisted I fight, heal and thrive.

My message NOW to every survivor:  “Life ~ Embrace it ~ Own it ~ Live Like Crazy”.