We certainly don’t need the wisdom of philosophers or books to tell us that we cannot go home again, that nothing will ever be the same after losing a parent.

Dad is no longer there to cheer us on and applaud our adult accomplishments, to share his support at critical moments, to worry about us when we are ill ~ to simply “be there” with and for us.

The dynamics and the history of our family are irrevocably changed ~ so are we.

We now move to center stage to leave our mark on the world, yet we do not move forward alone.

Thankfully, we carry the richness of treasures from our childhood and adulthood ~ hard-learned lessons and beliefs, fond and painful memories, family celebrations and traditions.

We bring who we are, thanks to the unconditional love, support, and guidance we received from the parent’s whose presence we now miss.


Our life has not lost its meaning; indeed, it has now taken on new meaning as we bury part of our past and walk together, as a family, creating a new chapter in our lives.

Believing in God’s promise of a life hereafter, we are comforted in believing our parents are together again ~ at peace.

We all did our best, and accompanied dad on the final leg of his journey home.  And as we continue the second half of our life’s journey, will forever feel the power of his presence.