Passion for what we do drives everything else ~ It’s the difference between a job and a labor of love.

And Michelle Mirizio, Creator/Owner of Let’s Talk Makeup in West Palm Beach has a fearlessness, tempered by innate street smarts, that has propelled her to take the right risks at the right time.

Charismatic in a way that connects her to people and a wicked confidence in knowing the power of being passionate about her dreams, clearly show cases her as ‘leader of the pack” with her eye always on the “plan” powered by her willingness to take risks.

She’s the real deal!

Michelle's Daughters


The reality of being a single mom of two beautiful young girls ~ at the age of twenty four, was the trigger in Michelle’s commitment to launch her career as a Salon owner, and the rest is history.

Fourteen years building her first business, in New Jersey, and then the next bold move to Florida was the natural progression of Michelle’s journey in preparing for and creating her continued success in the industry ~ not easy,

yet Michelle manages to “keep it simple”; one step forward at a time.


No joke.


There is quite a distance between a plan to start a business, its launch and inevitable commitment to manage the operation.  What many perceive as “high risk” is clearly seen as the next “opportunity” for Michelle, and she optimizes her value at every turn.



No surprise here….



Today, she’s not only the Owner of Let’s Talk Makeup ~ A Full Service Salon & Spa; without skipping a beat Michelle’s “on spot” assisting clients with:


  • Nova Lash Extensions ~ A Specialist & Authorized Distributor & Trainer of the Year!
  • Softap Permanent Make Up & Authorized Distributor (that, too)


Check out their website at www.Letstalkmakeup.com or their Facebook Page at Lets Talk Makeup.  Call for your appointment at 561-366-9994, as well.


It’s immediate, I promise.

When meeting Michelle, as a friend or client, you immediately sense her pride in her business and her staff, which is reflected in their Impeccable Customer Service and Cutting-Edge Services and Products;

all delivered in a casual and friendly manner ~ with ease.


And Social Media gives the business a pulse, as well.  Michelle gets it and is constant in sharing big news ~ daily!


In life, Michelle Mirizio has “Dared to Be” and with every personal and professional challenge has dared to be tough, find hope, keep going, extend a hand and do her best.


Mission Accomplished!


Let’s Talk Make-up is giving something special away for the Holiday, too, and is counting on you to follow our Blog & Enter to WIN!      Stay tuned & Good Luck!


P.S. ~  I just had the most fantastic experience! Went in for a blow dry, left looking like a million bucks, and feeling like I’d made a new friend!

Excellent service, great products, and skills with the blow dryer that are unmatched in South Florida. Don’t just drive by this place, go in!

I consider myself a lifelong customer to Lets Talk Makeup.   Rebacca D ~ West Palm Beach