Ryann Awesome Essay


“Live the best, happiest, most productive and fabulously brave life you possibly can and, by the way, find your own definition of this journey.”   Tall order.


Our neice Ryann Rose, arrived at our summer home in Newport, RI full of excitement, expectation along with a dose of “fear” as the reality of going to Sailing Camp arrived this past summer.



A tear after the last hug, a wave goodbye and even angst-ridden moments, before and after her first night without her parents, was but a memory as she immersed herself into summer on the water at Camp Nisberg.


In a flash Ryann was thriving in an environment that was all her own!  Navigating Newport Sail Camp ~ oh so new, making decisions away from Mom and Dad – being fueled by a new found confidence.



And in two short weeks she found the courage to step into a new world, the joy of making new friends, the confidence to learn a new skill, the maturity to value extended family,

Big Day

and the vulnerability to express her gratitude for what the “moment” meant and how it strenghtened her voice is priceless – a gift to herself.


Bravo Ryann and without a sound we now hear you say:

  • “The only thing making life “scary” is me”
  • “The only thing between me and “change” is me”
  • “The only thing that will make me “confident” is me”

We all, at every age, have the opportunity to capture and experience a new “moment”.

It was there and you did it, Ryann;  you taught yourself to let go of fear, your parents to step back and cheer you on and your little brother to learn that everything is possible!


  • Don’t change for anyone; no matter how  you feel about yourself, never be somebody you’re not.  You are perfect the way you are, embrace what makes you, you.
  • Keep support close by.  Be with people who like you for you and don’t ask you to change anything about who you are.
  • Treat yourself.  Don’t criticize yourself, do things you enjoy ~  that make you feel happy.
  • Don’t try too hard.  Have patience ~ confidence takes time and energy.   Do stuff you want to do,  because you want to and because it makes you smile ~ no peer pressure.
  • Be open.   Share your feelings with those you trust; family, friends, teachers.
  • Honor yourself

All-in-all, you dared yourself to step out and allowed yourself to grow, which is AWESOME!