Give Time ~ Time

We are born into “time”,
live in “time”,
experience “time”,
savor “time”,
are frustrated by “time”,
and can be impatient with “time”.

Breast Cancer, this monster, interrupt’s our “time”.

Again this morning, as I was stepping into another “moment” in volunteering at the South Florida Cancer Specialist’s Chemo Center, I caught the voice of a new patient entering and settling into her first of many treatments.  There was a “buzz” a “vibrance” to the moment, as over a dozen patients arrived and prepared for treatment.

Yet, this was a team, as she, her sister and father settled in with a welcome vibrance (and a bit of well justified anxiety) as they were led into their “space” for her very first infusion ~ at least six hours ahead to be exact! Their energy was enormous and I knew, in time, they would allow themselves to experience this treatment, which clearly becomes an unknown moment in “time”, for every patient.

Each Oncology Nurse was extraordinarily empathetic and professional in preparing for the process; the time, the possible symptoms ~ both of which, we quickly learn, cannot be predicted.

What unfolded, before my eyes, was yet another affirmation.

When we allow ourselves to:

Honor ~ Trust and be Patient with “time”; the events that we experience within “time” become manageable, they become tolerable.


I’m sending my warmest wishes to this strong patient, beautiful survivor, loving daughter and sister.

Her actions ~ Her being, spoke to someone who is moving forward in fighting this beast by:

Giving…. Time ~ Time

LiveLikeCrazy     xxoo Sally Ann